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Us Weekly and are priority destinations for affluent readers who love entertainment and lifestyle content through the lens of celebrity news. The vaunted brand is a trusted
source that sparks conversations about pop culture with up-to-the-minute headlines and direct-from-the-source intel that speaks to our audience’s passion points. The brand’s currency and authority firmly positions Us as a leading voice in pop culture, entertainment and celebrity.
Us Weekly advertisers cut through the clutter with mass reach to engage a highly coveted consuming audience. Driven by currency and authority in breaking entertainment news, style and beauty, fitness/health and family, Us Weekly aligns advertiser messages in
real time with authenticity across a broad spectrum of lifestyle content exclusively presented through the lens of celebrity. Advertisers benefit from the priority and intensity of this connection to an early adoptive audience seeking must-have-now essentials- one living a multi-faceted and socially active life.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 23.7 MM
Monthly Page Views: 519.0 MM
Median Age: 48.3
Median HHI: $117,625
Social Media: 9.3 MM Followers
Sources: Google Analytics, July 2020;
comScore, June 2020 (3 mo. avg.)
Frequency: Weekly
Audience: 7,224,000
Rate Base: 1,950,000
Median Age: 39.1
HHI: $73,082
Source: MRI Spring 2021
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