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a360media publishes more than 100 special interest publications a year, covering topics such as health and wellness, food, diet, and entertainment. These premium bookazines are developed by our award-winning editorial team and celebrity partners to speak to today’s consumers, offering them guidance, inspiration, and moments of escape.
Optimism in magazine form, Drew is a quarterly feel-good publication devoted to beauty, love and fun. From lifestyle and beauty to travel and food, we seek out the people, places, products and ideas that shine. We share tips, tricks and how-to’s from those in the know. We’re accessible aspiration with real world inspiration and all the practical magic to bring it to life. And we’re so happy you’re here.
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Whoa, Wait. Magazine is a personal shopper for every woman. A step-by-step guide to having a well-styled, healthy, joyful life on a budget. Inspired by the popular Whoa, Wait. Walmart microblog on Instagram, the magazine features surprisingly great products, at the best price, that can be found in Walmart stores across the country, helping readers save smart and win big as they navigate their busy lives.
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